CLIMBER BYCUNO is one of the brands under the umbrella of CUNO Group, which is n good standing in many different lines of business. The brand aims at growing as a global brand.

Climber By Cuno has grown and expanded as a ready-wear brand throughout the global industry for years, and reaches its customers at single and monobrand stores. Climber By Cuno products are sold mainly to East Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and African countries.

What lies beneath the success of this special men's wear brand, which is on the rise in global markets, is the collaboration and collective outputs of brothers Samsama. Born in Adıyaman, an ancient Turkish settlement listed in UNESCO world heritage, and situated on the historical Silk Road, the brothers migrated to Istanbul in 1984 where their adventure began. In 10 years, they breathed life to Climber B.C. brand.

Masterfully combining years of experience and creative skills, they created CLIMBER BYCUNO brand in 2016 for a position in the middle segment.

CLIMBER BYCUNO redefines aesthetics with genuine design and superior quality in the most contemporaneous way, and each season it comes up with an extensive collection that appeals to different trends in fashion and different lifestyles in real life.

Every single phase and process of CLIMBER BYCUNO until final products is handled with due diligence and without concessions on quality. When you touch a CLIMBER BYCUNO product you will see and feel uniqueness of and hard work behind its design, refined choice of fabric, quality of the shape and seam and accessories.

CLIMBER BYCUNO is an ideal brand for those that seek more than just wear.
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